About Us

About Us

Universal Systems USA Inc. is dedicated to engineering and producing high quality, durable urethane belts and rollers for both food and non food grade industries. We are unique and one of a few in the industry who can precisely cast woven, endless belts. Universal Systems USA Inc. provides a wide variety of reinforced (polyster, nylon, Kevlor ® and Nomex) urethane flat belts which can be designed to deliver specified strength, rigidity, and durability for our customers. Universal Systems USA Inc. is a custom belting company tailored to developing cost-effective solutions for new applications.

Our Mission

Our mission is not just to meet but to exceed our customers expectations. Universal Systems USA Inc. accomplishes this through custom engineering, testing, and the completion of superior workmanship. We manufacture quality products with first-rate, unmatched support to customers and vendors on a global scale.

Our History

Universal Systems USA Inc. is a family run and owned business. Our founder, Jimmy Haythornthwaite, became involved in urethane manufacturing over 25 years ago. Under the name of Tilton Engineering, Jimmy's involvement continued as the company progressed, grew, and eventually changed names. In 2007, he chose to be more than just involved, and he bought the company. Under the Universal System USA Inc. name, we have grown not only in the food belt industry but with a wide range of small endless belts as well. Jimmy handed the business down to his two daughters, who are ever expanding the business to reach even more unique belting industries as well as, making Universal System USA Inc. a top leading urethane belting company.

Our Philosophy

We at Universal Systems USA Inc. believe that your success is our success. Our customers are the beginning and end of our business. We strive to provide exceptional, unmatched client support and through collaboration and teamwork, build long lasting customer loyalty. We believe in the importance of being an emerging company, ready for change and excited to dig into new applications and markets. Because our customers needs are consistently changing, we believe that through strong partnership and working together we will all succeed together.